2020 Webroot Threat Report

Phishing Attempts Grew by 640% Last Year OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTEX) today issued the 2020 Webroot Threat Report, highlighting not only the agility and innovation of cybercriminals who continue to seek out new ways to evade defenses, but also their commitment to long-established attack methods. Most notably, Webroot observed a 640 percent increase in phishing attempts and a 125 percent increase in malware targeting Windows 7®. The report is derived from metrics captured and analyzed by Webroot's advanced, cloud-based machine learning architecture: the Webroot® Platform.

Ronald McDonald House Christmas Giving

RMH San Diego Christmas Giving For the third straight year in a row, the PaperFree staff based out of the San Diego offices has chosen to take on the wonderful task of purchasing gifts for several families that are currently housed at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego. This unique and amazing charity focuses on providing care to families that are enduring the hardships associated with caring for a child overcoming illness. Learn more at https://rmhcsd.org/

Latest Report says ECM Market is Booming

ECM market Survey 2020 This research report is equipped with the information categorized for Enterprise Content Management ECM Market by parameters such as players, brands, regions, types and application. The report also details the information about the global market status, competition landscape, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, challenges, opportunities and porter’s forces analysis with respect to these elements.

Office 365 Now the Access Point for All Enterprise Information with M-Files

PaperFree partner M-Files recently announced a breakthrough in enterprise content management - the ability to access ALL enterprise documents within a company's Office 365 installation.  This is made possible with several new M-Files advancements that allow it to integrate with SharePoint Online, Outlook, and Teams seamlessly.  This new integration makes data access even easier for M-Files users - now all critical information is easy to find, no matter where it resides.  And, now that data is available in commonly-used applications, users enjoy even

Google Introduces 'Code with Google' to Classrooms

Google recently announced the availability of its 'Code with Google' utility - a new tool for teaching school-age children the basics of computer coding.  It works with a combination of Google's own curriculum and other resources, and is free.  The resource was created to make coding learning tools available in a educational environment where tech skills are stressed, but rarely taught.  It is often the more affluent school districts that have the resources to create coding courses - and the talent in less well off districts is left behind.  Google hopes to bridge this gap, especially with

Carlsbad High School Mock Interviews

Carlsbad High School has a program that helps their students develop skills through workshops and internship experience.  The program is called the Academy Program.  As part of that program, students are required to participate in mock interviews that are meant to represent real-world job interviews.  These interviews give the students practice and interviewing skills.  This academic year, PaperFree Corporation was happy to be a sponsor and participant of those interviews.

Florida City Taken Offline by Hackers Pays Ransom

Riviera Beach, a city of 6 million on Florida's eastern coast, recently found itself in the grip of hackers who brought down its 911 and email system.  Their attack started with a simple email to the police department in May, whose attachment contained a virus that quickly infected computers on the network.  However, what the city did next is what's newsworthy - they paid the $600,000 ransom to the hackers to get their system back.  At this time, it's unknown if the hackers held up their end of the deal.  The city is also in the process of replacing computers and working with security exper

M-Files for Salesforce Brings New Content Management Abilities

PaperFree partner M-Files recently announced an exciting new addition to their lineup - M-Files for Salesforce.  This product efficiently integrates M-Files functionality into the popular Salesforce interface, adding document management abilities as well as enhanced compliance and oversight.  This added capability improves productivity because Salesforce users no longer have to go search a separate repository for information relating to a customer account - their focus can remain on accounts,

In Our Pursuit of Tech-Everything Are We Forgetting Someone?

More and more retailers are turning towards a cashless model by accepting cards and other electronic payments...and nothing else.  This is done to speed convenience - surely tapping your phone on a reader to get your morning bagel sandwich is faster than digging a $5 bill out of your wallet, getting change, and oh, make sure to leave a buck in the tip jar.  Some retailers also claim that cashless business is safer and more economical because there's nothing to steal, no armored truck deliveries, no taking an employee off the line to check cash in under dual custody, and no bank runs for cha