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Automotive IconWith the complexity of today's vehicles, automotive manufacturers are tasked with handling immense amounts of a variety of information - product designs, patents, legal documents, factory reports, and more.  The process of manually maintaining order to these documents is labor intensive and expensive, and all records must be accurate.  Workers need this information on demand for development, collaboration between teams, and for legal cases - productivity depends on it.  How is a company to manage so many different types of information for so many different needs, all while protecting intellectual property and conforming to regulatory standards?

Information Capture & Management

PaperFree offers flexible and powerful enterprise solutions fine tuned for automotive manufacturers.  These information capture systems leverage information to power your company's processes - by converting all of your paper data to digital information you can more effectively organize, share, and utilize it.  From collaborating on business documents, to delivering case-based applications, to managing highly precise processes in most regulated business environments, PaperFree provides powerful tools to manage your information.

How does it work?  PaperFree offers a variety of utilities to enable your operation to store data in one central, streamlined repository while enabling workers in all areas of your enterprise to quickly access needed information.  Product design files and revisions can be linked together for quick access.  Reports on new products can be protected from those unauthorized to view them.  Plant operation information can be filed for review later.  Taxonomies and built-in workflows are also included to enhance the access of information by cross-linking information and allowing quick searches. Effective permission configurations keep information available to only those who are allowed to see it. And, it’s scalable and administration is simplified.  Visit our Information Capture and Management Solutions page to learn more.

Enterprise Content Management for Automotive

Human Resources

Human Resources departments are one of the most paper-heavy departments of any organization.  The paperwork is endless: employee files, benefits forms, disability paperwork, payroll, reports, applications, memos, etc. - this burden can slow down any department.  With data capture and electronic management, these files can be managed and retrieved quickly and easily.  No more lost paperwork or piles of things to file - everything is automatic, streamlined, and accessible by those with proper permissions.  Employees enjoy faster responses to their inquiries and the overall process is more streamlined.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Among one of the most complex and confusing processes an organization will undergo is a merger or acquisition.  The consolidation of workforces, physical assets, intellectual property, and business processes is an intensive undertaking.  By organizing your information with enterprise capture and management, you can track the progress of specific steps, who has them, and where they will go next.  PaperFree's backfile conversion solutions also allow you to digitize old, paper information to make it more easily available for review by regulators and workers.  A streamlined process solution saves money, time, and the headaches involved in a merger or acquisition.

Enterprise information capture and management solutions from PaperFree empowers your enterprise to put its data to work for you – reducing costs, time searching for information, and increasing the power of your business information. To learn more about how PaperFree can enable these systems in your organization, please give us a call today.

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