PaperFree shares more with our customers than just a desire to employ the best automation technology, we share a common practice of evaluating our key partnerships each and every year and making tough choices when needed in determining who makes our futures brighter. Technology advances happen every day and we make it a point to be at the forefront of determining which technologies will make a difference for our customers.

PaperFree Partners Dell EMC

Dell/EMC, the company born of the recent merger of Dell Technologies and EMC, is a market leader in providing best in class enterprise hardware solutions. PaperFree has been a Premier Certified Partner of EMC for over 20 years.


OpenText is an Ontario, Canada-based leader in enterprise information management of which PaperFree is a Gold Level Partner.  They operate with five goals to their business:

• enrich the way people use information
• foster innovation
• be trusted in our relationships
• be committed to excellence in all that we do
• work with our stakeholders, demonstrating honesty
and passion towards common goals

In their recent acquisition of the enterprise content division of EMC, OpenText now manages products such as Captiva, ApplicationXtender, LEAP, Dispatcher, and InfoArchive.

PaperFree partners Microsoft

As a Microsoft Partner, PaperFree has access to the tools and resources to ensure our impementations meet and exceed the requirements of our operating system and application partner Microsoft. When implementations encounter challenges, our staff is trained on not just the products we resell and implement but the platforms they coexist with. Enterprise collaboration needs to be effortless and flexible. Microsoft's Sharepoint is a leader in delivering just that. Our Sharepoint Experts can help you design, develop, and deliver Sharepoint for your organization.

PaperFree partners Kofax

KOFAX is a market leader in providing scan and capture solutions for the enterprise. Some of the key products PaperFree resells and integrates:

KOFAX Capture | TotalAgility - Enterprise information capture platform (Scan, classify, recognize, validate, export)
KOFAX Analytics - insight and metrics required to analyze the effectiveness of business processes

PaperFree partner Alfresco

Alfresco is an open source enterprise content management solution organization. A modern platform based on open technology, Alfresco gives you the power of ECM with hybrid, on-premise, cloud and mobile delivery options.

PaperFree partner IBML

IBML is a leading provider of high speed scanning solutions for the enterprise. PaperFree works closely with our customers to determine the best scanner to meet their needs and often partners with IBML to deliver.

PaperFree partner Opex

OPEX is the leading provider of mail room equipment and exception handling scanning solutions. When customers need a solution that incorporates flexbility in dealing with tough challenges like odd sized documents, checks, or mixed batches of incoming mail - PaperFree works closely with OPEX to provide the best solution to meet that need.

PaperFree partner Mitek

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is the leading innovator of imaging check reading engines for financial transactions. Mitek’s patented technology automatically captures keuy information from financial documents including CAR, LAR, and MICR.


M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solutions improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other informaiton in order to become more productive, more efficient, and stay compliant.  M-Files eliminates information silos and provides quick and easy access to the right content from any core business system and device.