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vCaptureoutsourcing iconPaperFree Corporation is the premier provider of vCapture™, a remote data entry workforce technology and service. This revolutionary application service offers a more secure, accurate, and timely alternative to the traditional in-house, service bureau, or off shore data entry workforce. An enhancement to your existing data capture workflow system, vCapture™ can be installed quickly and easily with minimal additional hardware or customization of your existing data capture system. vCapture™ is scalable to offer unprecedented flexibility in determining how best to get your work completed quickly and with the highest level of accuracy available today. vCapture™ is the ideal solution for secure, accurate, and timely remote data entry.

Rather than dispatch entire documents for keying, fields of information (snippets) are first extracted and then scrambled to guarantee 100% security of your sensitive information. Next, fields are validated by a remote workforce using a web browser and are confirmed by at least two independent sources before returning to your existing workflow as completed. The vCapture™ architecture does not require a dedicated internet connection (VPN) or other network exceptions and seamlessly integrates with existing data capture workflows to deliver increased control and timely processing.


  • Data transfer process is secure by design to maintain 100% confidentiality
  • Snippets are scrambled and unscrambled within the safety of a firewall, ensuring complete security
  • vCapture is HIPAA Compliant and used throughout the US by government and a variety of industries


  • 24/7 access to over 10,000 remote data entry specialists
  • Adapts to your workflow volume on demand – no seasonal hiring or second shifts, all with no contracts!
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing data entry workflow

Accuracy on Your Time

  • 100% guaranteed accuracy – keyed data is verified by two independent sources before reentering your system
  • Increase cost efficiency (significantly reduce or reallocate your staff)

Save Money

  • Cut your data entry overhead by up to half
  • Eliminate hiring seasonal or temporary workers – and the training costs associated with them

Control at Your Fingertips

  • vCapture integrates seamlessly with your existing data capture system
  • Data does not leave your facility until it is securely scrambled
  • Choose where your data is keyed: in-state, onshore, or offshore
  • Eliminate hiring hassle

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