Office 365 Now the Access Point for All Enterprise Information with M-Files

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July 8, 2019

PaperFree partner M-Files recently announced a breakthrough in enterprise content management - the ability to access ALL enterprise documents within a company's Office 365 installation.  This is made possible with several new M-Files advancements that allow it to integrate with SharePoint Online, Outlook, and Teams seamlessly.  This new integration makes data access even easier for M-Files users - now all critical information is easy to find, no matter where it resides.  And, now that data is available in commonly-used applications, users enjoy even faster lookup and increased productivity.  These new integrations also come at a time where M-Files is expanding functionality dramatically with the recent M-Files for Salesforce connection.

M-Files is a notable ECM solution because of its unique intelligent metadata process that uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly connect documents and content.  Information is found by what it is, not by where it is.  This means that all information relating to a document, customer file, or project is immediately available and connected, no matter the need for accessing the data.  And, data is safe with configurable access.

M-Files is an ideal solution for many enterprises looking for more advanced management of their data.  PaperFree is happy to evaluate your ECM needs and show you how we can revolutionize your processes, workflows, and data management with M-Files.

This article was based on a July 1, 2019 M-Files press release.

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