Google Introduces 'Code with Google' to Classrooms

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July 8, 2019

Google recently announced the availability of its 'Code with Google' utility - a new tool for teaching school-age children the basics of computer coding.  It works with a combination of Google's own curriculum and other resources, and is free.  The resource was created to make coding learning tools available in a educational environment where tech skills are stressed, but rarely taught.  It is often the more affluent school districts that have the resources to create coding courses - and the talent in less well off districts is left behind.  Google hopes to bridge this gap, especially with the availability of affordable Chromebooks for schools.

By making resources free and hardware affordable, Google hopes to inspire the next generation of tech developers to build and pursue their talents.  And, with their suite of cloud-based tools it's becoming easier than ever to access knowledge and learning.

To celebrate the program, Google also gifted a million dollar grant to the Computer Science Teachers Association.  The program also offers the potential of scholarships, internships, and other work learning opportunities to participants.

This article was based on a July 8, 2019 Tech Crunch article by Darrell Etherington.

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