Technologies developed to rely on the internet or connectivity to accomplish a task.



Wearable Tech Making Cruising More Convenient

Carnival Cruise Lines recently introduced its Ocean Medallion wearable tech, which adds convenience, information, and fun to cruises.  Though it is small (only about the size of a quarter), it connects passengers to shipwide systems.  For the best results passengers should pair the device with a smartphone app, though the tech will work without it.  This connectivity enables passengers to access their cabins, locate members of their party, check their onboard schedule on ship screens, as well as order a poolside beverage without having to get up.  Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth technology, pas

AirAsia Embracing the Cloud to Improve Passenger Experience

AirAsia, a Malaysia-based low cost airline, recently revealed insight on how it's utilizing Google Cloud services and a "data-first" attitude to help passenger experiences be "more personal and less friction-filled" across their network.  These insights were shared at the Google Cloud Next '18 conference in London by AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes.