You Can Now Log into Microsoft Services with No Password

Users of Microsoft services such as Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, and Xbox Live will now get to enjoy the benefits of not having to remember their passwords.  Now, with physical hardware keys using the FIDO2 technology, access to a Microsoft account is as simple as plugging into a USB port or using Bluetooth or NFC to pair a phone to the key.

Initially, the keys were used as part of a two-factor authentication policy, but new browser technology has enabled the elimination of the password requirement.  Now, Microsoft's no-password log on process offers three options:

Dell EMC Introduces New Cyber Recovery Software

PaperFree partner Dell EMC recently announced their new Dell EMC Cyber Recovery and Cyber Recovery Services products - both designed to serve as a "last line of data protection defense against ransomware and destructive cyber attacks."  These software packages include automation, workflow, and security analytics tools to help isolate secure copies of critical data in a way that those copies are protected, but still available for use should a system recovery need to be made.

Google Aims to Axe the URL

URLs have become ubiquitous in our time - nearly every company and individual has some sort of online presence - all with associated URLs.  And, while URLs for the biggest names are generally easy to guess (simply add a .com to their name) - that's not always the case, as is such with and companies that use .biz or .info top level domain names.  Worse yet, a wrong guess can land you on a webpage that you definitely don't want to be on.  Google wants to take the guesswork out of URLs.

The Fraud Detection Experts - Your Bank?

Believe it or not, your bank is among the experts in fraud detection.  Many of us have experienced urgent phone calls from the bank when we make a larger-than-normal purchase, and this is a good thing.  The bank's systems constantly track customers' card use - amount, locations, day of time, etc. to develop a map of your spending habits - and it's when something wanders out of this map that they alert customers before serious damage can be done.  Doing so gives customers a chance to interrupt fraud as it happens, as well as minimizing losses for the bank.

Microsoft Using AI to Determine Best Time for Forced Updates

Users of Windows 10 are well familiar with the inescapable grip of forced system updates - taking their system down for a period of time with no way to cancel or schedule it for later.  However, Microsoft took note of how inconvenient this is for users and implemented a snooze function in 2017.  Now, it's enlisting the help of machine learning to determine the best time to run mandatory updates that won't reboot your computer when you weren't expecting it (and losing all your unsaved work!).

M-Files Achieves ISO Recertification

PaperFree partner M-Files recently announced their achievement of recertifying for ISO 9001:2015, billed as the "world's leading quality management standard".  In addtion, their annoucement also included news of maintaining their ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate related to their cloud system security program.  Achievement of both of these certifications is rare in the indusry; M-Files is among only a few who have done so.  M-Files' development of its own information management and quality management systems - M-Files QMS - factored into the certification.

OpenText Announces Theme and Keynote Speakers for Enfuse Conference

PaperFree partner OpenText today announced details about their upcoming Enfuse conference, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada May 21-24.  This year's theme of the annual security, digital investigation, and e-Discovery conference is "Bringing security to the edges of the network and beyond".  Keynote speakers include OpenText Vice Chair, CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea and James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (2013-2017).  In the opening keynote, Mr.

OpenText Announces Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4

PaperFree partner OpenText recently announced OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4, a update that addresses security, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, and cloud capabilities of their core EIM platform.  This newly-available release eases the transition to hybrid or fully managed cloud environments for enterprises and features cloud connectors to fully integrate OpenText solutions at the core of the workflow, even while working seamlessly with other technology solutions.  

Enhancement Pack 4 includes the following features: