Segway Aims to Deliver Your Interoffice Mail

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January 16, 2019

This year at CES 2019, Segway announced its new Loomo Delivery product, a robot developed to handle deliveries in buildings and malls.  Fully autonomous, Loomo Delivery can navigate around obstacles and through crowds and handle tasks such as mail delivery (straight from the mail carrier) and moving documents through an office environment.  It could even bring you a snack.  They're smart enough to figure out where deliveries need to go, and feature interactive screens, and can even work an elevator.  Its cloud or 4G connectivity also handles dispatch, updates, scheduling, and monitoring.

The Loomo Delivery product serves to fill a niche in busy mailrooms, where getting items the "last mile" can be a time consuming and laborious process for workers.  Plus, it also is a time saver for other staff by serving as a go between for documents and other needs.

The Loomo Delivery robots have swappable storage 70 liter containers for a variety of items, and can carry about 110lbs.  Plus, they'll find their way to a charging station after a day's work.

This article was based on a January 3, 2019 article by Tim Spears

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