Pandora Music Entrusts Streaming Advertising to OpenText Digital Asset Management Platform

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April 12, 2019

Pandora, the largest streaming audio service in the United States, recently selected OpenText Media Management as the storage solution for its audio and display advertising assets.  Pandora, as many are familiar, is powered by the Music Genome Project and intelligently selects music based on a users' thumbs up or down of various streamed tracks.  It also offers a great advertising opportunity with this detailed information on user preferences.  With that information, Pandora can serve targeted, scalable ads to help advertisers hit their mark.  OpenText Media Management will serve the entire enterprise by helping users "extend business processes with digital media workflows and digital asset management services."

OpenText Media Management will handle the production and management of over 35,000 advertisements per year.  Pandora also utilizes Amazon Web Services for hosting via Risetime managed services, and Cyangate assists with implementation services.

“Pandora’s creative team helps thousands of advertisers bring their brands to life on our unique platform and maintaining the quality and accessibility of our digital assets in a streamlined fashion is key to scaling our success,” said Casey Baker, Pandora’s Director of Advertising Creative Operations.

“When evaluating our options, OpenText Media Management stood out as a solution to manage creative assets through the entire lifecycle. Its robust customization capabilities and seamless systems integrations were critical in our selection process,” Baker continued.

“Every customer touch point is critically important, including brand engagements and advertising,” said OpenText SVP and CMO Patricia Nagle. “OpenText Media Management solutions enable efficient creation, review and distribution of assets, which Pandora has done a great job leveraging to uplift its advertising operations. It’s a best-in-class solution for this demanding industry.”

The business of media streaming is an ever-evolving one.  With a constantly-changing library of assets and more and more demands from users, streaming companies must always be on their toes to adapt to the next wave of change.

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This article was based on an April 11, 2019 OpenText press release.

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