Looking for Love? Try Your Fridge

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February 5, 2019

Have you heard of Refrigerdating?  It's like Tinder, only instead of using your favorite selfie as a profile picture you use a picture of what's going on in your fridge (a "fridgefie"?) for potential matches to swipe through.  The app comes by way of Samsung, best known for phones and TVs, but they're also in the kitchen appliance game and their Family Hub Refrigerator sports a camera that checks fridge inventory for you.  To promote this camera feature Samsung crafted the dating app that automatically loads a picture of your fridge contents to your profile.

But not to fear, if you don't have the $4,000 refrigerator with a camera you can simply upload a fridge picture on your own.

While a bit of an obscure concept, Samsung asserts that a lot can be understood about a person via their fridge.  Are they into health foods?  Are they organized?  Is stuff molding in the back?  Perhaps they have the same kind of juice as you and that's your ice breaker.  A view of a person's fridge offers a more "authentic" view of that person, especially since fridges aren't typically on display in one's life.  And, with food being such a huge part of a person's daily life and people connecting over it in restaurants, it might not be too far a stretch to take that concept into the home too.

The idea for the app originated in Sweden, which has a high number of single households.  So far, it's doing well in that market but it is available worldwide.  Online dating isn't a new concept, but the proliferation of special-interest dating apps in recent years offer a fun and interesting take on the practice.  And by all means, the contents of one's fridge aren't the strangest things that people can meet and connect over, either.

This article was based on a February 5, 2019 CNet article by Erin Carson

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