Apex Oil Improves Workflow and Document Access with M-Files

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September 21, 2018

Apex Oil Company, a provider of wholesale distribution, storage and transportation of petroleum products across the United States recently enlisted the M-Files platform to streamline the user experience of their enterprise service management solution Cherwell and to improve document management company-wide.  The Cherwell/M-Files integration was achieved through a custom connector developed by a M-Files partner.

M-Files' unique architecture of linking data based on relationships instead of directories proved to be especially useful for the Cherwell integration.  With it, documents can be more quickly accessed and understood, and fewer pieces of information go missing.  This, plus M-Files' Intelligent Metadata Layer sourcing data from other systems mean that Cherwell users have one point of access for all the information they need.

“We chose M-Files because it provides this great concept of organizing documents with metadata versus storing them in folders,” said Gary Fleming, director of information services at Apex Oil. “Instead of thinking about where to store a document, you simply define what it is, and then you’re able to easily find that document by searching for it using metadata or the content of the document itself. Or better, you don’t even have to search for it because it's directly related to the object you are working with in Cherwell. We knew from the beginning that integrating service and information management would be great, but when you actually see this working for the first time, with your documents in M-Files showing up right with your customers and incidents in Cherwell in a nice and structured way, you think, ‘Wow – this is really cool.’”

Apex Oil Company has seen other benefits from their M-Files integration - their security and compliance efforts have been improved with the addition of precise access rights to documents, a feature offered by M-Files to control who has access to what data.

Apex Oil Company is pleased with their M-Files solution and is reaping the benefits from it daily.  PaperFree is a M-Files partner and is ready to show you how the solution can improve your business.  Learn more about M-Files.

This article was based on a September 20, 2018 M-Files press release.


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