OPEX Mail Extraction & Scanning Solutions


Opex's all-in-on capture system drastically reduces document prep and post-processing

By combining mail opening and extraction with image capture and classification, the OPEX operator only touches the paper once to open, extract, and capture. This in-line processing also allows for printing an audit trail and sorting mail contents without a separate prep process. This translates to significantly less paper handling, fewer labor-intensive tasks, lower operational costs, and improved quality. Simply load mail onto the mail extraction desk, pull the extracted documents out of the envelopes, and drop them onto the conveyor. The documents are then fed through a unique feeder which is capable of handling the widest range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Advanced software is used to interpret the information, sort the contents based on a wide range of custom parameters, and output the optimized data. The OPEX Scanner eliminates the need to transport, batch, prep, and sort between extraction and scanning. In just one pass, forms, checks, legal-sized documents, business cards, claims, receipts, file folders, and most other documents can be scanned intermixed with little or no preparation. To learn more about how PaperFree can demonstrate how OPEX scanning equipment can help you achieve greater efficiency, give us a call today.