Carlsbad High School Mock Interviews

Employee Name
Joshua Martinez

Carlsbad High School has a program that helps their students develop skills through workshops and internship experience.  The program is called the Academy Program.  As part of that program, students are required to participate in mock interviews that are meant to represent real-world job interviews.  These interviews give the students practice and interviewing skills.  This academic year, PaperFree Corporation was happy to be a sponsor and participant of those interviews.  Providing feedback and advise to the students during those interviews shows one of the many ways PaperFree is able to use its expertise and skills.  Below is feedback received from some of the students and teachers.

“Thank you so much for reaching out and joining us this year for our mock interviews.  This was a great learning experience for our students.”
– L. Papera, Program Coordinator

“Thank you for the great opportunity with the mock interview.  It was great getting to know my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interviewing.”
– C. Opp, Student

“I am writing to thank you for your time spent interviewing me for the Internship Academy and giving me valuable feedback that I can utilize in my future interviews.  It was greatly appreciated.”
– S. Edelman, Student