Elementary School Graphic Design

Employee Name
Michelle Iglesias

Recently, I had the opportunity to use my graphic design skills to help my nephew's elementary school with marketing efforts for an event that they are organizing.  They are organizing their first ever Latin Festival, which will feature Latin foods, crafts, music, and dancing, and they needed informational flyers with a bit more polish than they are able to do on their own.  I volunteered my graphic design skills to the PTA way back in August and they finally found a project for me :)

With their provided information I created flyers in English and Spanish, with a Latin-inspired design, and revised them several times until they were perfect (there were many people - and opinions - involved in the approvals process, lol).  These flyers will go home with students and also be distributed in the community.  Once finalized, I also created social media friendly versions for distribution on the school's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The PTA and school officials organizing the event were thrilled with the result and we hope that this event is a success!

The outcome also put me solidly on their graphic design radar and I've also completed some other small professional-level flyers for the PTA since creating the Latin Festival flyer for them.