OpenText Announces New Solutions for the Legal Tech Sector

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August 27, 2018

PaperFree partner OpenText recently announced new additions to its solution lineup specifically designed for the legal sector.  OpenText™ Legal Center is a cloud-based enterprise information management product that integrates with OpenText eDOCS and is specially designed to manage client onboarding and document sharing.  In addition to this announcement, OpenText also shared news of a new suite of specialized products for the legal market.  These new additions will create new advancements and opportunities in the market, which is currently served by solutions such as eDOCS, Axcelerate, EnCase and Decisiv.

These products are aimed at large legal firms and serve their need for document management, forensics, and review both within their caseload and for regulatory compliance and investigations.

“Law firms, governments, and corporate legal departments must continually evaluate their processes to remain effective and competitive in a rapidly changing climate,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText Vice Chair, CEO, and CTO. “OpenText is a leader in legal tech with solutions to help our customers manage the huge volumes of data they collect and generate, while incorporating the benefits of automation and AI. OpenText is committed to expanding our leadership in the legal tech field and helping our legal customers manage information and apply next-generation solutions to improve operational effectiveness, deliver insights, and maximize existing technology investments”

“With our acquisitions of Guidance Software and Recommind, OpenText has expanded and enhanced our solution set,” continued Barrenechea. “Combining these solutions with our industry-leading EIM platform, new AI and ML capabilities, and our experienced professional services organizations allows OpenText to provide a range of solutions unmatched in the legal market today.”

According to OpenText, these solutions will help clients:

  • Securely manage legal content and automate processes: balancing security with access, users can effectively manage sensitive documents and leverage them for repeatable processes.
  • Intelligently search documents and identify experts: a powerful search function is able to locate desired documents with incomplete keywords and can help identify who within the organization is an expert in that particular piece of information.
  • Forensically collect evidence: collect data from electronic devices while adhering to applicable laws.
  • Expedite large-scale eDiscovery review and investigations: machine learning assists with the extensive processing of documents while ensuring compliance.

OpenText will be demonstrating their full portfolio of legal solutions at ILTACON 2018.

This article was based on a August 20, 2018 OpenText press release.

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