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Two Months In: How's Amazon Go Doing?

Amazon was recently in the news for its new grocery store concept called Amazon Go in Seattle.  This store, the first of its kind and a technology testbed for Amazon, uses a variety of cameras and sensors to track items shoppers select, and then automatically charge their credit cards once they leave the store.  All the customers have to do is check in via smartphone at a kiosk at the entrance.  No waiting in lines, no cashiers, just grab your items and leave (which, admittedly, feels wrong for many shopper

OpenText Announces First Women in Technology Summit

PaperFree partner OpenText recently announced an addition to its 2018 OpenText Enterprise World lineup - the inaugural Women in Technology Summit.  The conference will be held in Toronto, Canada this July and is a follow up and expansion to the wildly popular 2017 Women in Technology Luncheon at Enterprise World.  The Summit is inspired by International Women's Day and Press for Progress and will feature speakers who will share thoughts on the challenges of achieving diversity in the technology sector, as well as keynotes on the progress that has been made and its positive effects on the wo

OpenText Partnering with Malaysia Airports to Transform the Airport Experience

Malaysia Airports is in the midst of a five year business plan to improve passenger efficiency and experience at its main airport, Kuala Lumpur.  Among these plans is the Total Airport Experience strategic pillar - a project that involves an immense data analytics and digital platform and PaperFree partner OpenText has been chosen as the technology partner for this endeavor.  OpenText will be involved with developing intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and expanded digital services for passengers at the airport, which is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia with 52 million passeng