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Amazon Cloud Services Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla, the manufacturer of popular electric vehicles and an even more popular orbiting Roadster, recently announced that its Amazon Web Services account was hacked and used to mine cryptocurrency.  The company was first informed of the breach by cybersecurity firm RedLock, who found the compromise while simply surveying Tesla's platform for vulnerabilities as part of Tesla's bug bounty program (RedLock was compensated for their find).  The breach was sourced to a simple IT administrative console that didn't have a password, though Tesla has not been able to determine who was behind the atta

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is Almost There

Many enterprises are finding it necessary to evaluate their storage and processing needs, even so far as considering upgrading mission-critical systems to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).  However, Dell EMC says "Not so fast".  While they encourage transition of workloads to HCI, the technologies aren't quite ready for critical systems.  However, the end of 2018 will bring updates to the tech that means that HCI and more traditional architectures should align.

Dell EMC Announces New Server Hardware

Dell EMC, a leader in data storage systems and PaperFree partner, today announced the introduction of three new products to its server line.  The PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R7415, and PowerEdge R7425 expand the PowerEdge server line, and feature AMD EPYC processors and offer high scalability with outstanding total cost of ownership (TCO).  All three models are now available.