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Are You Backing Up Your Cloud...to the Cloud?

Cloud services and applications - often touted as stable processing and storage systems - still have a hiccup once in a while.  What's a company to do when their cloud services go belly up?  Funny enough, the answer is to back up your cloud data to other cloud services ahead of time.  While most cloud services offer some degree of guaranteed uptime, many don't guarantee against data loss, and that's on the client to make accommodations for.  In fact, most instances of data loss are caused by human error, simply by accidentally overwriting a field or wiping a dataset.  And, plenty of data is

Kofax Announces "First Year Free" Program

Kofax, a PaperFree partner and leading provider of information capture and management solutions, has announced its new "First Year Free" program to allow enterprises an extended test drive of its products.  With this, they hope that businesses that are hesitant to commit to an expensive solution are able to fully experience the increased productivity and cost savings in a risk free way.

The program includes:

Robots May Steal Your Job

Robots are becoming more commonplace in our daily lives, from manufacturing the vehicles we drive, to vacuuming our floors, and delivering our room service.  And, pretty soon, they may be stealing your job.  A new report from McKinsey estimates that up to 800 million jobs will be replaced by robots by 2030.  And, with figures from the UN estimating the world population at 8.5 billion by that time, approximately 10% of jobs previously held by humans will be held by machines.