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Bank of America Partners with Microsoft Cloud Services

In a campaign to update and streamline services, Bank of America has chosen Microsoft Cloud as their partner in their digital transformation.  Bank of America, a leading US-based financial instition, will utilize Microsoft Office 365 to provide modern cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools for a portion of the bank's 200,000 employees.  The enterprise will also implement the Microsoft Azure platform to provide cloud computing services, whose scalability makes it an excellent solution for this project.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant Names OpenText as Leader in Content Services Platforms

OpenText, a PaperFree partner and global leader in Enterprise Information Management, has been named a 2017 Leader in Content Services Platforms by Gartner's Magic Quadrant.  The report notes the influence of new cloud, social collaboration, mobile, and analytics technologies on OpenText's work and how OpenText has responded to fully utilize these new trends in their products.

Windows 10 Mobile is Dead - Now What?

Windows 10 Mobile is dead, according to Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Joe Belfiore.  While this announcement doesn't come as much of a shock given the market hasn't had a competitive Windows phone since 2015, it's still the nail in the coffin given that the platform had high hopes in HP's now scrapped Elite X3 Windows phone.  Previously, Windows execs revealed that developing apps for iPhone and Android were becoming more of a priority than Windows 10 Mobile, but there is still hope for the future with a rumored "Surface Phone", based on the Microsoft tablet.  But, with with Windows 10