OpenText Partnering with Malaysia Airports to Transform the Airport Experience

Malaysia Airports is in the midst of a five year business plan to improve passenger efficiency and experience at its main airport, Kuala Lumpur.  Among these plans is the Total Airport Experience strategic pillar - a project that involves an immense data analytics and digital platform and PaperFree partner OpenText has been chosen as the technology partner for this endeavor.  OpenText will be involved with developing intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and expanded digital services for passengers at the airport, which is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia with 52 million passengers annually.

This unified digital platform aims to more easily distinguish engagement with passengers versus other customers, improve operational efficiency, improve passenger productivity and experience, and open new avenues for revenue streams.  Using machine learning, OpenText's solution will analyze data from existing systems to provide in-depth insights for better decision making.  The solution includes content and big data management technology, as well as service quality management, customer experience management, and asset management services.

The project begins with a mobile app for passengers that helps them plan their journey through the airport.  This app serves to notify users of changes to their flight, congestion levels, expected trip times through the terminals, as well as alternate options for getting around.  It also offers self check in and self bag drop functions.  In the future the app's functionality will be expanded to include airport shopping options with delivery to the gate.  Not only does this technological upgrade benefit the airport, it benefits the airlines and vendors that use its facilities too.  Now, checked in passengers' locations will be monitored and provided to airlines in an effort to reduce flights delayed by missing passengers and offloading luggage.

However, one department that stands to see immense improvement is the immigration department - new tech will allow them to cross check passenger documents against flight manifests before passengers even pass the new security facilities.  Anyone who has ever passed through immigration at an airport can attest that it is one area of travel where improvements to efficiency are most welcome.  OpenText's solution also specifically addresses wait times by predicting queue loads and allocating resources appropriately.

“OpenText’s proven track record of executing large-scale digital transformation programs, built on our leading Enterprise Information Management platform and services, will enable OpenText to help Malaysia Airports with its vital transformation strategy. As a global hub for commerce, Kuala Lumpur International Airport is truly embracing a progressive model for the airport of the future, one that we at OpenText is excited to play a major role in” said Mark J. Barrenechea, Vice Chairman, CEO and CTO, OpenText.

This article was based on a February 27, 2018 OpenText press release.

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