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backfile conversion iconRegulatory and industry standards are requiring enterprises to retain data longer and longer - but what happens to that data when that enterprise wants to advance their process and upgrade to the newest technology? All too often that business-critical information is trapped in old applications, hindering the ability to take advantage of more advanced systems. In addition, maintenance of old systems is a laborious and expensive process that goes to antiquated backup systems, inefficient hardware, and licensing costs. PaperFree aims to solve this problem by converting your data into an accessible, unified data store.

Our solutions enable you to eliminate tapes, streamline storage processes, and reduce maintenance on old systems by transitioning your enterprise to reliable, new hardware and optimizing that digital storage for your needs. By converting your data to a unified digital format a plethora of new content management opportunities are opened so that workers have quick, relaible access to the critical information they need to keep your business running.  Reduce your costs and open up access to your information, all while complying with the regulatory requirements of your industry with backfile conversion from PaperFree.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly search billions of documents
  • Efficient data management
  • Ingest structured and unstructured content
  • Data is stored in a centralized repository
  • Flexible retention policies by datatype
  • Long-term storage solution
  • Store and manage billions of documents
  • Ingest data in batches or by single transaction
  • Requires no integration with originating application

Archive all types of information

Backfile conversion offers a flexible platform that accepts and archives all types of information, making it ideal for a large variety of industries. You can archive:

  • Transactions
  • Documents
  • Voice recordings
  • XML data
  • Print streams
  • Other types of data (structured and unstructured) 

Flexible data access

Backfile conversion is designed around easy access.  Data is catalogued in a unified repository, enabling quick access across a distributed enterprise by clients, employees, partners, and regulators. And, perhaps the greatest benefit is that you can access a file without relying on slow, antiquated systems that may only be available in specific locations. Backfile conversion solutions truly enhance your ability to access your business-critical information.  By converting your old data, you can enjoy this flexibility while maintaining strict security and regulatory control over your data. Comply with retention, data encryption, electronic signature, and time stamping requirements easily, all while maintaining easy access.

Industry-standard format

Data is translated into platform-agnostic and lightweight XML formats. Billions of files can be stored in a system. And, XML formats used are industry standard so it’s easy to share files across applications if necessary.

No software dependencies

XML allows you to transition your enterprise away from old content management systems easily and with compliance to the standards applicable to your industry. By upgrading to new systems, you not only save money by eliminating expensive licensing fees on old software, but on labor as well. New, efficient systems require less IT support to operate and cataloging data in a digital repository removes the burdens of paper storage as well.

To learn more about how PaperFree can help your enterprise manage your archived data more effectively please give us a call today.

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