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How can Enterprise Content Management solutions help your government department workflow?

PaperFree has extensive experience helping governments to overcome their paperwork burdens effectively and efficiently.  We have assisted entities from city all the way to federal levels to implement class-leading enterprise content management solutions to streamline paperwork, applications, and process tax returns quickly and accurately.

government icon paperfree tax application paperwork processing city county state federalGovernment agencies of all kinds find themselves burdened with the information they must process and retain – content that must be managed, organized, and accessible. How government agencies manage this data is an ongoing challenge given the variety of information that travels through their offices - contracts, forms, permits, case files, and more.  In many cases, each department of a large agency uses a different system and process for managing their content - complicating matters when information must be shared between groups.  And, all the storage of this information must adhere to local and federal laws as well as comply with Freedom of Information Act requirements.

With the variety of information and no consistency to how it's handled, government workers find it harder and harder to complete their tasks in an efficient manner.  There truly is a need for powerful tools to make sense of the mountains of paper that governments must cope with.

PaperFree offers a suite of powerful content management solutions designed to handle these paper burdens; smart capture products to scan and digitize information, repositories to process and store data, as well as add-on solutions to expand the capabilities of these systems.

How does it work?

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The process of enterprise content management for government is a fairly straightforward process.  Paper-based information (such as filings, permits, and more) is collected at the first point of contact and scanned into the system.  There, industry-leading capture solutions ingest and interpret the data against configured rules and templates, quickly returning accurately digitized data that can be exported to a processing workflow.  Those workflows, customized for your individual needs, can handle any of a number of tasks automatically; process tax filings, manage project data, or even update budget files.  In many cases they also link documents together, so all information relating to a departmental matter are available together, without the need to search through endless folders.  Operators are only required to step in when there's a workflow exception or a step is designed to require approval, significantly speeding up the process from paper document to usable data.  Once those workflows are complete, the data is stored for easy later lookup by those with established permissions to do so.  

Though enterprise content management is simple in concept, it's much more complicated in execution.  That's why a trusted, experienced partner like PaperFree is your guide for how to maximize the functionality and economies of your content management system.  Contact us to learn more about how we can revolutionize your department's data processes.

How can enterprise content management help you?

Information Management

With all of your paper-based data digitized, processed, and in a central repository, information is at your fingertips.  The addition of precise, customizable workflows also helps you process information more quickly and accurately, returning higher productivity and lower labor costs.  Enterprise content management is also an excellent tool for distributed departments - data can be retrieved or uploaded from anywhere, which expands the capabilities of a workforce that may not always be in the office.  Plus, data is kept safe with customizable access permissions to make sure that only those with proper permissions have access.

Application Processing

No organization handles more applications and paperwork than a government entity - applications for motor vehicle registrations and licensing, applications for special services, or paperwork registering the birth of a child or a marriage - the applications are endless.  However, PaperFree offers solutions to streamline the process of creating, accepting, and approving the application process.  By digitizing the information contained on submitted paper forms and loading it into a backend system, your department can digitize the whole process via a workflow.  Documents are only presented for the next approval once the previous steps have been completed, and can only be seen by those with appropriate clearances.  And, an entirely digital workflow allows applications to be processed more quickly, saving taxpayer funds, labor, and allowing services to be rendered to approved applicants more quickly.

Backfile Conversion

Governments often are hesitant to dive into a fully digital ecosystem due to the immense number of paper documents they have in storage...and which must be brought into the system somehow.  Fortunately, our solutions easily handle this backfile conversion process from start to finish, leaving you with digitized, classified, and cross-referenced data from your archives.  Not only does this bring all of your content into a common, searchable ecosystem, it also eliminates the need for expensive storage facilities and hours of labor searching for a misfiled document.


Clarity LogoPaperFree's Clarity is a powerful and easy-to-use system add-on monitoring tool for capture systems.  Its browser-based interface offers helpful insight into what's happening with the capture workflow, the performance of operators, and offers valuable insight into how to allocate resources for the most efficient processing possible.  Is also offers advanced administration tools that can proactively resolve errors or notify appropriate managers to resolve them manually.  Visit Clarity to learn more.

Customer Service and Customer Care Programs

One of the shining features of enterprise content management is how well it manages customer data.  Since information is automatically classified and linked upon entry in the system, all pertinent customer data is easily available for quick lookup by representatives.  Reference application details, contact information, payments, and more without ever leaving your workstation.

These exceptional customer service capabilities also extend to program management, such as customer care programs for fee-reduced services.  Easily process, track, and approve applications and other pertinent information from start to finish.


BlackMark LogoGovernments often have documents with sensitive information that must be protected by redaction, such as documentation about legal records, or even information to be omitted from a regulatory report.   PaperFree's BlackMark and BlackMark+ add-on redaction solutions offer powerful protection by "burning" the confidential data in the image so that there are no loopholes to access it.  With manual any automated options, BlackMark is an important tool for any organization that regularly works with sensitive information.

Tax Processing

Automated capture systems are especially adept at easing the burdens of processing tax returns.  Intelligent recognition tools quickly and easily convert scanned documents into digital information that can then be fed into processing systems for formal processing of the tax return.  Automating the process increases accuracy, reduces costs, and improves the experience for taxpayers by completing their return reviews quickly and without errors.  Learn more about Tax Processing Solutions from PaperFree.

Enterprise information capture and management solutions from PaperFree empower your enterprise to put its data to work for you – reducing costs, time searching for information, and increasing the power of your business information. To learn more about how PaperFree can employ these solutions in your organization, please give us a call today.

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