How can PaperFree help healthcare providers and third party administrators process incoming medical claims faster, with greater accuracy, and with less effort?


Medical claim forms have long been considered 'the worst of the worst' in terms of complex structured paper forms to extract data from effectively and with a high degree of accuracy. From reds to black, CMS or UB, Medical, Dental, and|or pharmacy - healthcare providers always had to employ significant effort to process these documents. The time has finally come where technology has evoleved and through the use of intelligent document recognition and data extraction - PaperFree has the solution that will change the game for your organization. ClaimsPAK+ was built from the ground up utilizing the world leader in advanced intelligent capture technology - OpenText's Captiva. Through the employment of this robust toolkit combined with a capture workflow built specifically for medical claims processing, customers can now achieve the results they desire with greater efficiency, accuracy, and at the same time driving down costs associated with processing medical claim forms. Regardless of where your medical claims are coming from - mail, faxes, email, or other electronic means - ClaimsPAK+ for Captiva can ingest those documents, automatically classify medical claims from attachments or other support documents, and extract that key business critical information through the use of advanced IDR|OCR|ICR|OMR technology. To learn more about how PaperFree can help you conquer the challenges associated with processing medical claims, give us a call today.

Workers Compensation

A subset of the claims processing being handled today has to do with a very cumbersome and complex challenge - workers compensation. These claims are often more than just the simple processing of an incoming claim or 'bill' but also include a variety of additional documents that must also be dealt with such as medical reports, legal documents, correspondencce, etc. PaperFree has been working closely with workers compensation providers for years and has an automated solution designed specifically for the complex and challenging needs associated with processing workers compensation claims. To learn more about how PaperFree can help automate your processes for more efficiency, greater accuracy, and increased customer satisfaction - give us a call today.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible – process all types of incoming medical forms automatically.
  • Process claims quickly – digitization of forms speeds processing and reconciliation of the claim.
  • Scalable – new form types can be added easily.