OpenText Intelligent Capture - Powerful Data Capture - 24.x

How can OpenText Intelligent Capture 24.x (previously Captiva Software) improve your enterprise's data capture process?

Organizations are asking more and more from their data, and with the class-leading OpenText Intelligent Capture software in place there's no limit to what they can achieve.  Any enterprise can benefit from fast access to digitized data for workflows and internal processes, easy lookup, and safe, stable storage for easy compliance.  Plus, PaperFree offers specialty solutions to expand the capabilities of your capture system, from BlackMark inline redactionDepositCritical check processing, and even Clarity system monitoring. By digitizing data at the first point of contact, be it a mailroom or email inbox, paper forms and documents can be eliminated and the headaches they bring resolved.

What can OpenText Intelligent Capture - Captiva 24.x - do for you?

OpenText Intelligent Capture can be used in a variety of implementations, including:

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Let us show you how version 24.x can revolutionize your enterprise's information capture processes and help you expand what you can do with your data.

Version 24.x offers the following features:

captiva software distributed capture

New Web-based capture application allows for scanning, indexing, and validation without the need for a browser plug in.

captiva web mobile capture

New-style fully-featured interface for improved operator efficiency.

captiva software easy user interfac

Additional features to the way files and data are ingested.

captiva capture scanning software

Improved usability within Captiva Designer for developers.

captiva software developer friendly

Significantly faster system performance and reliability.

captiva software fast faster

New Real-Time Services (REST) provide functionality such as classification, extraction, image processing, full page OCR and barcode reading.

Key Highlights

Real-Time Capture Services

These REST-bases services are specially designed to offer expanded availability and functionality to mobile and web applications.  Mobile and web features require high scalability, ultra-high availability, and real-time response, which Captiva now has extensive support to handle.  By adding capture functionality to your mobile or web presence you can skip the mailroom and import data directly into your workflow.

Real-Time Capture Services includes the following services:

  • DocType Enumeration

  • Image Conversion

  • Image Processing

  • Barcode Recognition

  • OCR & PDF Creation

  • Document Classification

  • Data Extraction

  • Validation

Web Client

A web-based front-end to scan, index, and validate documents, which eliminates the need for browser plug-ins, such as Active-X or Java.  Featuring a customizable interface and dual monitor support, it also integrates with the Real-Time Capture services in the background to increase productivity.  And, configuring server-side processing is easier than ever with standard Document Types and Profiles.

  • HTML5-based
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Advanced Recognition Enhancements

The version 24.x Advanced Recognition module now features “fuzzy” match capabilities for free-form recognition of semi-structured, unstructured and in particular documents captured via mobile.  Fuzzy matching technology significantly reduces regular expressions by 75%+.  The OCR engine is now modular for enhanced flexibility and scalability.

New Identification Module

A new Identification module features a simplified and flexible user interface. With a customizable layout and docking windows, it can be used to perform document assembly, assign recognition templates, or easily identify document types to direct routing as well as data fields and validations.

Performance and Other Enhancement Features

New Standard Import replaces the Multi-Directory Watch (MDW) and Email Import modules and imports image files from directories, email and attachments from an email server, and files and batch node values from the Captiva Web Client as batches.

  • 64-bit server to allow for bigger and more batches in memory for higher performance and faster completion of tasks
  • Reduced cycle time for Production Auto-Learning (PAL) to learn how to classify and extract data from new documents in high volume environments
  • Textual classification no longer requires PAL in order to classify documents using machine-learned keywords and relationships

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