Dell EMC Introduces New Cyber Recovery Software

PaperFree partner Dell EMC recently announced their new Dell EMC Cyber Recovery and Cyber Recovery Services products - both designed to serve as a "last line of data protection defense against ransomware and destructive cyber attacks."  These software packages include automation, workflow, and security analytics tools to help isolate secure copies of critical data in a way that those copies are protected, but still available for use should a system recovery need to be made.

Cyber attacks have become all too common - crippling organizations for extended periods while they piece their data back together - and carry a high cost.  Dell EMC Cyber Recovery integrates with Dell EMC Data Domain protection storage software and works by combining the benefits of data isolation and business continuity to help lesson the effects of a cyber attack, while easing the process of recovering from one.  Dell EMC Cyber Recovery automates isolated storage of secure copies of critical data within a "Cyber Recovery Vault", thus removing the data from the attacked area of the network.  Plus, it offers a helpful venue for security analytics work.

“Malicious insiders and sophisticated cyber attackers, especially those that employ ransomware, are known to deliberately target data protection and backup infrastructure,” said Beth Phalen, President, Data Protection, Dell EMC. “We take a layered approach to data protection within the portfolio and with our Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software and Services, helping ensure true data isolation and a last line of data protection defense for business-critical data from a variety cyber threats.”

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Services is a complimentary product to Cyber Recovery that offers analysis, training, and advices on how to fine tune security needs of a customer's specific system.  According to Dell EMC the process of the Cyber Recovery Services is as follows:

Workshop: During this one-day workshop, consultants share Dell EMC best practices for business resiliency with a strong focus on cyber recovery.

Advisory: The advisory service builds on the Workshop by adding development of a high level cyber recovery strategy. The customer’s current and desired state is analyzed to create a tailored strategy for cyber recovery preparedness.

Advisory & Roadmap: The advisory & roadmap builds on the advisory service with a deeper dive into customer’s cyber recovery strategy to recommend an optimized implementation roadmap. This includes developing a cyber recovery maturity model report, which benchmarks the customer’s current state against industry best practices. Also included is a critical materials workshop and information session to collect data on the customer’s applications to understand criticality to the business. These considerations will help drive recommendations of data and applications which should be protected by the Cyber Recovery Vault.

Deployment: New deployment services help maximize the capabilities of Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solutions. They can be added to the ProDeploy Enterprise Suite or purchased separately and are available in two variations to fit customer needs.

Implementation: Dell EMC Services can also customize the implementation of the Cyber Recovery Solution to account for a variety of additional use cases. This can include hardening of additional Dell EMC technology, developing detailed operational procedures and implementing custom dashboards and reporting.

Del EMC Cyber Recovery and Cyber Recovery Services are available now.

This article was based on an October 17, 2018 Dell EMC press release.

October 18, 2018

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