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Artificial Intelligence Will Create as Many Jobs as it Takes

Many are familiar with the Rise of the Robots and the jobless future they will leave, but is this belief based on sound facts?  Turns out it's not, and in fact robots will keep plenty of humans employed.  The change is just going to be what the humans are employed in.

According to UK consultancy firm PwC, research into the robotic AI future shows that automation will displace 38% of transport jobs, and 30% of manufacturing jobs.  However, other industries will see a different effect, such as healthcare where 12% of jobs will be replaced but 34% will be created.

HSBC Reveals the Bank of the Future

Europe-based HSBC bank offered some revealing insights into the future of your interaction with banking.  As many know, more and more banking can be done remotely or even through branch ATMs, reducing the demand for in-person branch tellers for all but the most complicated banking transactions.  Artificial intelligence and mobile technologies are fueling the progression.  Because of this, HSBC is investigating new technology roles within the company to carry tech-fueled banking forward.

Police Departments Aren't Embracing Tech

Police have long been relied on to stop crime - either by their presence discouraging would-be criminals, or by putting their efforts into solving crimes and handing the responsible parties over to the courts.  With an endless to do list of police work, it'd seem that departments around the world would embrace as much technology as they could to help fight and solve crime.  However, that doesn't seem to be the case, especially in the UK.  Why?  Policing is a "human business" that relies heavily on face to face work, and technology hasn't been so easy to utilize out on the beat.

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