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Research Shows that Overhauling IT Gives Enterprises the Advantage

"IT Transformation can result in bottom-line benefits that drive business differentiation, innovation, and growth" according to research recently conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and announced by Dell EMC.  This study aimed to evaluate how today's enterprises are using technology, how they are using it, and the effects they are seeing.  The report developed these conclusions:

6 Steps for Patch Management

Any IT professional knows that keeping system patches up to date is critical, especially since patches address critical functions like security and stability.  With recent security issues such as Spectre and Meltdown, the importance of patches is becoming more important, but even patches pose risks at times.  It takes an informed IT team to manage which patches are appropriate and what techniques are needed to install them.

Microsoft Adds Ransomware Protections to OneDrive and Outlook

Ransomware is a menace to data security - locking up a user's files and throwing away the key until a ransom is paid - and it's now showing up in the cloud.  Microsoft is working to remedy this with new protections for business and personal OneDrive accounts, including the ability to revert back to previous images of a user's account, up to a month in the past.  This is a measure that helps users easily recover from compromises without the need of professionals, however it does require users to act before that month's time is up.  Helpfully, Microsoft is also installing monitoring utilities

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