Airbus' Digital Learning Library Saves Millions

Airbus, a leading aerospace firm, is reaping the benefits of a new digital learning library - to the tune of millions of dollars saved in reducing redundancies and improving efficiency.  The library, now hosting nearly 7,000 learning items, is accessible to the firm's 134,000 staff in 35 countries worldwide and aims to improve the skills of employees and management.  It has found its niche in enabling the firm to host standardized training modules and deploying them faster globally.  The benefit is that now all employees and trainers are working from standardized content, so parallel departments in distributed locations now work with the same information and protocols for more consistent operations.

Airbus is in the midst of a five year digital transformation program which also includes a new HR platform, Pulse.  “This is only a beginning, as we see digital transformation as a five-year journey at least, taking us up to 2020, but we can see it is working,” according to Arnaud Raffray, Vice President of Human Resources, "“With particularly strong take-up in France and Germany, there have been 1.4 million total connections on Pulse since go-live in October 2016, driven by 160,000 active user registrations.”

Pulse, based on a Workday human capital management system, has been well received because it's intuitive and allows employees to manage their own data.  Airbus reviewed three competing platforms before choosing the Workday solution and was mindful of the onboarding process as well as potential security issues.

Airbus' new platform and digital transformation continue to evolve, with a long term goal of learning, recruiting, workforce polling, employee self-assessments, and compensation and benefits being handled by Pulse.

This article was based on an October 27, 2017 article by Christian Annesley.

October 30, 2017